Five Things to Avoid at Best Buy




Best Buy can be a great store, but you also have to keep a lookout for weirdos, goths, and other groups of people you can easily stereotype.  Best Buy is a great store for many great products, except for finding friends which only leads to a hole inside your heart.


1. Avoid eye contact with a man’s woman

Guys get super jealous when you look at their babe.  If you happen to be starring at a woman, which you probably are unless they’re ugly, I personally say great job! Because chances are you are using my S.C.O.O.P system.  Guys will tend to gain roid rage and throw a half off Lost dvd collection at you. To avoid such, simply run towards the customer services desk yelling and pointing at the man chasing you


2. Purchasing a CD

it’s 2014, this is pretty much self explanatory


3. Don’t bring in your limited edition 1984 Japanese Katana sword

Most stores and public places don’t allow weapons of any sort, Best Buy’s manager Katherine makes this rule strictly enforced.  I don’t know how may times I’ve been escorted out of a Best Buy for trying to show people in the sound department my new sword trick I’ve learned.


4. You can’t make home in a Best Buy

Sometimes I am kicked out of my house for cooking(oven, microwave, never stove top) articles of my parent’s clothes for scientific research to gain knowledge in time travel and fashion.  I also was kicked out of my home once for running a low-key Colonoscopy clinic in my basement which had great deals on Colonoscopies and foot rubs.  If forced out of your home, living in a Best Buy can be tough due to lack of food, security cameras, and a poor choice of demos you can play.  Nutrient is key in today’s society and trying to be the healthy human I am, mountain dew and hard pretzels don’t give me the vitamins and minerals I need.  Katherine is always on my tail whenever I try to stay at Best Buy, many times( every time) I am escorted out by the cops and fined heavily. Playing stage one of the new Sonic game keeps getting old and old, I personally grow tired of it and hope to play the new Mario Kart 8 station whenever Katherine decides to be a decent manager and release the appropriate Kiosk.


5. Avoid the Geek Squad fascism club

Geek squad is a club that can be awarded “biggest douche of 2014″ with no trouble.  I’ve been denied a job there several times and Katherine’s Fiance Carlos can be a true used-kleenex when it comes to applying due to my interactions towards Katherine.  Geek squad also charges ridiculous costs to fix computers and electronic wares and fails to have the same attire as that lame TV show from 2008 on NBC called Chuck


There you have it! Katherine please call me back

How to piss off your Dad

angry dads**Disclaimer: Hey Dad(Ken), this has nothing to do with you, I’m just writing a weird story and making stuff up, so don’t ground me**

Dads are like animals. They eat, sleep, and yell at their children. So let’s face it, dads are just always in a pissy mood, or at least mine is. Last night my dad cancelled my HBO subscription, because my After Hours entertainment was running the DVR full and he couldn’t watch Survivor or Everyone Loves Raymond. From Dads having great taste in Eddie Bauer and whatever their wife buys them off the TJ Maxx clearance rack, their clothing only makes their anger strive for more hilarity.



1. Fill his lawnmower up with mountain dew instead of gas

Dads strive off great looking lawns, if his lawnmower isn’t starting, smelling like a cheaply made soft drink for the least, He is going to get pissed. He might throw your PS3 into the tiny man made lake behind your Aunts house, so just keep your skyrim data loaded on an extra flash drive just in case, Don’t worry bro, I got your back.

2. Punch him square right in the balls

BAM! shot to the nuts, that would piss me off!

3. Don’t do good in school

Just don’t even go to class, what are you learning about? How Society has evolved from different parts including 5 different stages like Hunting and Gathering, which was a small nomadic setting in which few people lived about, either hunting or gathering for resources. Another stage being the Pastoral & Horticulture, Pastoral of course died out, but Horticulture started Permanent settlements and started the use of hand tools.  Society then turned into an Agricultural system, creating the plow, making a surplus of food and a small development of cities.  Let’s not forget the 3rd social reform, the Industrial society.  The industrial society started family wages, people moved in from farms to cities, wealth accumulation started to take hold, women too even got to become involved in making terrible money and working as sloths in a factory, and lets not forget the Inequality that developed.  Post industrial societies started after the industrial revolution, which created a storage and database of knowledge, aka YouTube and Hotmail. The last reform, which can be controversial at times according to different theorists, is the Biotech-biochemical society.  This society can alter plant/ animal genetics for the purpose of creating food, medicine, and materials.  Wow, wait that is some really interesting stuff, actually. Hey bro, maybe you should go to school, pursue your dream of art school or whatever.

4. Ruin his Roller Coaster Tycoon progress

Go on to his work laptop from 2003 and and just start wrecking his park, I mean start putting people in the fountain, don’t sell delicious food, honestly just delete the desktop icon, no way he will go to his C:/ file-Downloads, and drag it back onto his desktop.

5. Call his golf game bad

Let him know who is boss

6. If he looks at you, tell him he doesn’t know how to use an iPhone

Dads love iphones, they sit on that bad boy 8 hours of their day, playing angry birds and any other app that gets them from having to talk to their wife.  Saying this will make your pops furious, he might even download more apps to just show off his cloud data bragging rights.

7. Call him an environmentalist

Your dad probably voted for Reagan, not some Nancy green party douche bag Al Gore. Saying this to your dad is like telling a manager of Walmart an Associates degree is the same thing as a GED.

8. Buy Frozen

why would he want to watch that movie? I thought it would be a great movie for us to enjoy dad, but noo you gotta watch your weekly rerun of the Soup Nazi.

9. use his credit card to buy a plane ticket to Oslo

Yeah dad I want to travel to Oslo, I heard its beautiful and my cyber girlfriend Charlene lives there, her pro pics are hot, but I’m only expecting a 6/10, which doesn’t bother me, because she gets me

10. use his chapstick

hahaha can you say ew?! Honestly it just irritates me when people use my chapstick, so maybe try this one out?

Hope you guys enjoyed my post!

Hey Danny Lumberg, I know you didn’t invite me to your Bar mitzvah, don’t be an ass, I made out with your ex girlfried, but what do you expect? I’m a stallion that runs across water, breathing fire, with my hair flowing in the wind.


5 Reasons Why you Should Dump Your Current Boyfriend for Me



So you are dating some dude named Chett Anderson, he just pledged for a fraternity that only 53 other boys care about, he also is thinking about getting that tribal tat on his 9 inch bicep his sister designed for him, and let’s not forget that he didn’t even complete the main story line in skyrim. Yeah Chett sounds like the worst, because he is the worst and so is any other guy you ladies are dating.  So you want to dump the douche and jump up on the stallion?  Well then this guide is for you.  You can be a married woman as well, I’m taking all applications.



1. My killer biceps and triceps 

  • Let’s face it, your boyfriend probably doesn’t hit the gym, he spends 45 minutes on the elliptical and then proceeds to barely rep 135 twice on bench.  I don’t even know how many times I can bench 135, because I don’t bench 135, I slap on 3 plates on go ape shit. And when I’m not benching 315 like a power house, I’m probably in the core room correcting hot girl’s terrible form.

2. I’ll massage your feet

  • That’s right, your current boyfriend Jake probably doesn’t even know your feet exist.  I’ll personally buy the massage creme and get lathering.  “Oh also what kind of relaxing music do you listen to? Oh the soundtrack to Tarzan? Hell yeah I love Tarzan(Bullshit, I don’t).” The only happy ending she will be receiving is a wink from my eyes, an extra key I copied from Home Depot for my heart, and maybe like season 5 of The Office if she asks to borrow it

3. Driving Right

  • So Mark is leaving in 16 minutes to pick you up in his PT Cruiser, at least we know who wears the tampons in the relationship.  I don’t drive some nancy-mobile, I drive the world’s sexiest and most lavish car, the Ford Fusion.  I whip my 2010 Fusion day and night hunting for the ladies.  I see them, they see me. I look at them, they look at me, then my biceps, then my eyes, and back at my general face area, they wink, I don’t wink, I drive away, because she was basic, she was also a brunette, I’m actually just trying to focus on the blondes for a week or so.  I will personally serenade you in my Ford Fusion just by humming the intro to Family Guy, it’s that easy.

4. Delicious meals

  • What? Do you enjoy Brice making you turd nuggets, lice, and fried sunscreen.  Well you shouldn’t, Brice sounds like a real snake, he probably drinks soy milk as well. girl for breakfast I’ll make you pancakes, and then I’ll cater a nice panini into your mouth for lunch. Dinner is another story though, we will have an assigned schedule for dinner for Monday-Friday prepared freshly by my friend, Stellino Aldo Diotauti. on Saturday we will enjoy a nice french meal out on the night of town, Stellino may appear, but I may not see it, he likes to follow me sometimes, it’s weird. Sunday we will start the day off feeding each other grapes one by one, for six hours straight until our reservation at El Zappos la mano comes time.

5. Cashhhh

  • I’ll literally give you my credit card!! have a blast! SPOILER ALERT, it’s your ex boyfriend Tim’s, and he is pissed!


So consider all this and go ahead an text your ex goodbye!

Historic figures who might have been Xbox fans

  1. JOHN F. KENNEDY John F. Kennedy

John’s hair and competitive relationship with his brothers have only proved he would have loved to play Xbox.  “Disregard women get Gamerscore” would be JFKs motto.  Sometimes when he was being nagged on by Jacqueline, he would explain he was meeting up with some of his gamer friends and have a Call of Duty tournament at the gamer’s den.  In reality he would have had an extra Xbox set up at Marylyn Monroe’s.

  1. Ludwig Beethovenludiwg

LudwigB69 played Xbox for one reason, guitar hero.  Connecting via Xbox live he would annihilate any fourteen year old virgin that opposed him on Raining Blood- expert mode.  Ludwig was apparently banned from Xbox live for a month for exposing his genitals.

  1. Malcom XMalcolm_X_003.jpg

More like user: Malcome_at_me_bro_Xbox.  Malcom X loved to spread his word, influencing thousands to listen to him.  Malcom X for hours of the day would be in the same Call of Duty Domination lobby ranting on various subjects and degrading the lesser.  Calling user Kevinketchup409 a “douchebag” and stating he had relationships with his mother kevinketchup409 grew more and more furious at Malcom’s word choice, until he himself left the lobby and started to do the same to user MouseKing98.


  1. Anne Frankxbox celbs

Gamer chick alert! With a gamer tag of Pierogi pounder, Anne Frank attracted the attention of many.  Questions like “how many pierogis can you fit in your mouth?” and “Hey pierogi pounder, can you say something sexy?” gained Anne quite the Xbox reputation.  Even when she would play indie team based games like Castle Crashers, she always found herself being brought down because of sex.

  1. 2.Abraham Lincolnabe

Emancipate the noobs, Honest Abe is coming through.  Abe’s gamertag was noticed as FugDaPolice and any lobby he entered surely had upset noobs leaving.  Abe started his Call of Duty career with a K/D of 3.8 and currently works with a 4.1, which ladies if there are ladies reading this, is really good.

Teen gets Caught Hosting House Party

chil party


Wilmington, Delaware-Throwing one of the maddest parties since his older brother Scott’s rager, local teen Jake Young, 19, was caught by his neighbors for disrupting the peace within the neighborhood and throwing several mini kegs off his roof into the Robinson’s yard, Multiple sources have agreed.  “Jake was obviously intoxicated, disregarded his parents trust, and allowed many girls to remove articles of their clothing to partake in a beer filled water balloon fight,” said neighbor Ken Lippert, who was outside walking his first place shiatsu show-dog.  No cops showed to the party, but it was heard that Lidia Robinson did call Jake’s parents and notified them on his disruptive behaviors, Lidia was also upset to see her son Dempsey, 19, was not invited to the party, due to his collection of Magic the gathering card set and the fact he owns a hat rack that contains several designer hats, fedoras, and scarves.  Peter Robinson came inside the house to make everyone leave and got another teenager, Dick Pleats, 18, who was a DD for the party so Samantha Crowser would let him cop a feel later when he dropped her off.  Dick who was willing to talk stated “nah dude, shit was chill, Jake is the man, it was pretty tight, I saw like six girls make out. I got Cheryl baxter’s numbers, she isn’t that hot, but will totally put out, at least that is what Jake said haha.  But nah man, Jake had some bros over and we decided to notch it up some, we had a sweet game of beer blast going on, Marshal won the pong tournament, and I’m sure Henry got some action in Mr. and Mrs. Young’s room as well,” Jake was heard to have walked away taking a drag of his cigarette.  It was told the Youngs were to arrive the next day, leaving their wine tasting vacation a day earlier than planned.  We happened to have been fortunate enough to get a text from Jake’s friend Caleb, who read the text to one of our writers, it read “yo waddup Caleb, I probably cant chill tonight, my parents are pretty pissed about the party, but since I am doing pretty well right now at Mark Salzberg College of Science and History, my parents said I will only be grounded for a week. Yo, did you see Jessica’s boobs? they were so gross haha.” It was reported that Mr. Young was chill about the party and ended up letting Jake hang out with Caleb and the boys later that night.

Good Music: Walden

Hi, I’m Steven

Today I’ll be talking about music, and a band I personally know.

Walden is a band consisted of four members, a great number in terms of a band. Rock Band allows for four players to jam, and I can never say I’ve had a bad rock band experience.  Fortunately, Walden gets to play real life rock band, and for Andrew who is the real winner for always being the drummer.


Walden creates a great taste of Indie rock with a slight seasoning of smooooth pop. Their music can be enjoyed by every age, unless you’re like 100 years old, because chances are your hearing is terrible.  Any atmosphere is an atmosphere to listen to Walden; like sitting by the pool, getting dumped, or maybe just relaxing in your room after your hockey game.  Everyone should listen to Walden. If you’re an uncle, show your nephew/niece Walden, it might change their life for the better.

Walden uses instruments, tools/objects that make noise and when put together right creates harmony.  Each member of the band uses a certain tool and does in fact create harmony. Watch out ladies, every girl who listens in a one mile radius will become pregnant(besides family members, because that’s weird).

Band Members:

Eric Hangartner:  keyboard/guitareric

  • Nice hair
  • Allergic to peanut butter
  • Probably is a fan of Walden
  • My biological father
  • First prize at roller derby palooza 2009

Richard Becker:  Vocals/guitar richard

  • One of my dearest friends
  • His mother is a mean cook
  • Great beard
  • Adventurous and loves the outdoors
  • Once created a song track in his bathroom

Jamie de Lange: Bassjamie

  • Another good friend of mine
  • Originated from South Africa (he has the accent, ladies)
  • Always dressed to the nine in groovy attire
  • Very pop culturally aware
  • Looks like someone from Flight of the Concords  

Andrew MendelDrumsandrew

  • Nasty badminton hook shot
  • Refurbishes ENO hammocks
  • Walden’s practice took place in his basement
  • Owns a .9mm
  • Broke a solid gold drum stick in a drum battle against Satan


Walden will be in Athens for most of April and you should check them out

da band

Date and times:

Sunday April 6th

Hendershots at 7pm, performs at 9pm


Saturday April 12th

Spring game day tailgate 11:30am-12:45pm


Friday April 25th

Theta Chi frat party(Moocoo) starts at 6pm until 7:30


Sunday April 27th 

May day festival. Melting point. Outside stage 4:30pm- 5pm


check out their Facebook page:


Steven’s Wilderness Survival Kit 2.0


Hey pedestrians, I hope everyone is enjoying the new spring season.  Many great things can come out of the spring time; like girl’s in booty shorts, girl’s wearing sexier clothing, girl’s not wearing sweats, and the Minecraft larpers down on 19th street.  But, the best activity is hiking, backpacking, and/or camping.  These are fun ways to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, and especially when it comes to playing human dart board (R.I.P Dwyane).  Camping out requires many normal and everyday objects in order to survive in the woods, but many don’t know about the items you need when you get lost.  That is why I am making a guide on what to get and bring just in case you get lost.  Also I want to warn all of you that doing anything outdoors is very dangerous, and if you already have a nice Call of Duty set up going on, just stick with that.


1. Shurikens-

Danger!! DANGER! the only defense mechanism to prevent any injury to yourself or anyone around you.  Have you ever seen someone with a shuriken? I personally haven’t, but if I did, I’m like 100% sure I’d squeeze a brick out.  Shurikens are lightweight and look super badass, they can penetrate 9 inches of skin, tear through steel, and get any girl to date you.


2. A copy of Sex and the city: season 2 loaded into a portable DVD player with extra batteries-

Sex and the City is hilarious! Sometimes you’re going to have some down time to watch TV or movies, don’t waste your time with any other type of movie or tv show, animals will flee up to miles upon hearing Sarah Jessica Parker’s voice, and dead on impact if they come into contact with the screen.


3. graphic Bowser T-shirt-

Bowser is the man, and this was my favorite shirt growing up.  Wearing this T-shirt will prevent you from getting laid, but it will give nerds within a 10 mile radius of where you are, so they can question you or not if they should buy the shirt.  Tell them yes, and they should escort you out to their mom’s volvo.


4. Spicy brown mustard-

Personally I just love spicy brown mustard, I recommend it.  It contains lots of nutrients and the standard 12 oz bottle can let you survive for up to 3 weeks.


5. KY jelly-

Sometimes you might need to slip though rocks and small cracks, getting drenched in KY will have you slipping through any sized area.  The best part of KY is you don’t even have to buy it, usually you can find it in your parent’s bed room. Glad to have smart and cautious parents when it comes to the outdoors!


6. A birthday card signed by one of your aunts/uncles-

Let’s face it, you’re going to feel terrible and super sad outside for days to weeks to months to years to you could be the next Natalie Hollaway, but bring one of your favorite birthday cards signed by your favorite aunt or uncle.  The cheerful message will brighten up your face and give you a reason to live.


7. Box filled with your dandruff from 8th grade-

Sometimes you might run into small nomadic civilizations.  The currency in many of these villages are dandruff, 8th grade is usually the best year to collect dandruff for quality and quantity.  Showing this special dandruff filled box, you will probably have enough dandruff to purchase whatever you want, but stick with survival necessities, and not a night with the cheifton’s daughter, they are trained to be heartbreakers.


8. Leg brace for emergency polio outbreaks-

You never know where polio can be, and who has it.  For all we know FDR could roaming the forest, haunting it with his presence and cursing the trespassers with his magic. So bring a brace, and if you feel the presence strap that baby on, and start praising your love for taxes.  Don’t bring up his relationship to Teddy, he can see past your polio leg brace lie.  And if you do end up getting polio, well it turns out you got a leg brace, you’re basically cheating the system.



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