Romance and You.

ImageRomance can be translated in many different ways,  so many ways you will stop to wonder and ask yourself about the situation that you put yourself in.  This desire, was it Lust? Was it for attention?  Or do you just want to straight up cup a feel?  I, being the Romance expert am to ask all of you, what is it that makes us fall in love? What makes us think that a person a right fit to share emotions with?  It’s simple, relations were created to show how that when two humans combine they can create something even greater, offspring.  Just like the internet used for Power and military, having children is now a “normal” thing.  It’s  shameful to see such strong and powerful people only reproduce for the joy of it, for creating a memorably family, and even sometimes to show people that “hey, look at me! I wear Dockers and my kid plays baseball!”.  The true reason for offspring is to continue the male heir, desire for creating such an army to defend the family crest, to search new heights until the Milky-way, and overpower those who plot against you.  This year, this date?  Well it’s March of 2012 and people are starting realize romance is hard, and romance is just over!!  Divorce is pathetic, how can you overrule weaklings with a struggling pair of parents, fine just let the Craig’s bush grow in our yard…. But romance is a beautiful thing, the female and the male giving each other true hope for love in desire.  I say romance is not to be defined, if a man loves his goat, by God let him love that goat!! This comes to my conclusion, romance with the ones who want to be romanced with, let offspring be created for hope, and finally wear protection, It’s not 213 B.C. no one has 37 kids, this is modern day society, two is just fine. 



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