How To Fight Stress.

ImageStress is a silent killer(not really) it happens to about 3/4 people around the world 4/4 just in Ohio it’self! But after reading this and following these simple steps you should be prepared to take on and defeat stress, curbing its face in the ground. When men come home from hard laborious hours of man-work they want a nice glass of scotch or Gatorade, but they come home to pestering kids and bickering wife’s. A man sometimes needs what we(Americans) call a bath. This bath offers a comfort and enjoyable sensation that a man really needs! But what happens if you are thawing out    large chunks of meat in the bathtub?! or just don’t want to bathe and be sanitary. well it’s simple, just follow these steps

  1. Deep breathing (allows more air flow)
  2. Grilled Cheese (taste great)
  3. Oil massages (you might need a partner or supervised adult for this)
  4. Surf’s up or Superbad (if stress is continuing you might need to watch Couple’s Retreat on Blu-ray)
  5. Lastly, you should find and physically harm and destroy what caused you to be stressed out

With these tips on stress you should be able to overrule and continue your life without stress and with a new care and a new attitude in the world, I’m talking about you Ohio.


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