Staying Home for Spring Break?

ImageSpring Break is probably the greatest time of the year to absorb sun into your body and let out some gnarly wave thrashing! But some people might not have the great opportunity to head out to Panama City Beach(home of sleeveless shirts) or Destin. So to those who are missing out on the beach fun! I just want to say that actually all the fun is here in East Cobb!! As an expert of staying home on “spring break” I have put together what I call the Staying Home but Having fun:Spring Break edition list. So let’s not waste any more time, I present! 

Staying Home but Having fun:Spring Break Edition List

  1. You can always Prank phone call(one of my personal favorites!) 
  2. Yahtzee! (please exclude Harry Potter edition)
  3. set up sprinklers in the front yard
  4. make your own jean shorts
  5. listen to Tupac and think…”Did a bullet really kill him?”
  6. join a sewing guild (no one can resist homemade sweaters!)
  7. Medieval Times! 
  8. creating new funny words like raptunkin splook
  9. Putting paper clips in wall sockets
  10. spend it only playing video games
  11. Zen Garden( finding your inner peace)
  12. create a power point slide show of how much fun your having
  13. make a play-doh statue of Lana Del Ray
  14. wonder why Doc octopus is hitting on your mom
  15. read my blog
  16. wear silly hats
  17. trade money for novelty gifts
  18. Fight clubs
  19. O’charleys
  20. endless hours of thumb wrestling
  21. make your own documentary on Sand-paper
  22. comb your hair in the opposite way

No need to pick up that boogie board! looks like I’m making 7 different types of Mac N cheese while trying to find what Dress Kim Kardashian looks best in. So I hope these tips helped, and good luck to all of you out there! SBwelve4L

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