The Pollen Epidemic

ImageWhile bee’s are out buzzing around getting high of pollen, many Metropolitan Atlanta locals are suffering dearly. With the highest counts of pollen Tyler Perry has every seen in his life time here in Atlanta(what the count is based off of) we are trying to solve on how we can overcome this deadly source of dust. Many throats, sines’s, eyes, and even ears are being overruled by pollen making us weak and vulnerable, needing the use of Claritin Clear. The number of deaths by pollen have not yet been released, but when it is, by God you need to brace yourself. Slowly Pollen will build up and increase its amount everyday until you cant tell if that’s wizard dust or loathsome pollen. but as citizens of the Atlanta area, we can unite and make sure pollen doesn’t build up and kill infants and puny women who struggle everyday just trying to convince us that their son’s boy-scout troop sells the best popcorn. How might we overcome this treacherous layer of grimy dust? What do we do? Well I can tell you that watching Grand Torino on your Sony DVD player will not be a help one bit. What we need to do is use our hoses in our front yards and hose off the Pollen from the Driveway,windows, doors, cars, sides of houses, and garden gnomes(I’m talking to you Mrs. Hoover) every day or so until the pollen stops. From this we will see more results and a cleaner environment which will allow our children to be able to harvest dandelions and stay away from illegal drugs like meth. So Atlanta, what do you say? Can we all join together and stop the pollen once and for all?

-Future concerning father of 3 boys, 2 girls, and a cat named Tim

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