Struggles and Questions From Young Adults Like You


Okay! I would like to thank everyone who participated in this new segment! basically I asked people to ask me for advice, and more than just 3 people asked me for advice making me feel a little bit better about myself. I present!! 


” I’m adding decorative tile to my bathroom and need advice about which sorta design I should go with? Zigzags? Floral? Help!!”- Dustin, M

Hey Dustin! well being the expert on Bathroom designs like I am, I would suggest Zigzags. It’s more modern and hip, if you had floral everyone around you would probably assume you murder people for fun. 



“how do i get the old creepy men at Moe’s to stop flirting with me? Thanks!”- Hannah, R

less Revealing clothes, you’re welcome. 



“Dear Steven, My brother is so much better than me at World of Warcraft:(. Any tips?”- TheFierceWorgen123

Hello FierceWorgen123, first off you need to be up to date on all the greatest and latest technology. Quit school, find a comfortable time to sleep for 4 hours a day, and stock up on Potato chips. Once you have all these acquired, you should study and become one with your WoW character. 



“please give me advice on how to make my cat like me.”-Caroline, B

Hey Caroline! This question is easy, knowing me and Lucy are pretty cool. You should give it about 10 oz of catnip a day, make sure she is drinking plenty of milk and eating cheerios. also try having your cat pet you. It’s not just about you petting and grooming your cat, sometimes you can switch roles.



” how do I decide wether the weather is partly cloudy or partly sunny?!”- Connor, W

Hey great question Connor! First off I recommend you purchase an airplane and take samples of the clouds and air for each day everyday until airplane is stolen by the CIA. When you take the samples make sure you have each day and what is each. So for instance on day 3 you have 10% air but only 3% clouds. meaning its partial clouds.



“Dear Stevey, I really need advice on how to get closer with my grandma. Thanks!”- Monroe, R

Wow terrific Idea! I think being very close to grandparents are key! because soon they will pass away with you inheriting just about all their money! What I suggest is you buy her Depends, take her on walks, tell her that old people homes are for the devil, pour her a glass of wine everyday, and explain to her the relationship between Charlie and Mac on It’s Always Sunny. When she see’s you are being nice, she will change her will and have you usurp her money and all she owns! 


 I accidentally the wole thing! What do I do? :(“- Griffin, H

Find shelter, keep there for about a few weeks and try to remain hidden!!



“prom?”- Anonymous




Well there you have it guys! I sure do this advice I have shared with you works! and remember to Keep on keeping on. I also suggest more meat in your system for more protein and nutritions, for a healthy life style of course.   




2 responses to “Struggles and Questions From Young Adults Like You”

  1. Vigilante Journalism says :

    Lovely insight Mr. Exceptional, I have to say I’ve been having troubles with this kid named Quasi at school lately…I guess I’m trying to find out how I should handle bullies. Thanks!

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