How To get Rich.


Making 6 or 7 digits can sometimes be a struggle for the working class, but you don’t need to worry because I am going to tell you all about getting that cash money double stack racks on racks flow. Money just doesn’t grow on trees, or does it? Yes money does grow on trees! I’m talking about planting apple trees and harvesting the apples for your sale on them.

The Steps to Succes

  1. Have a great body! Modeling and looks will get your pretty much anywhere in life
  2. invest wisely! investing in cool stuff like Xbox and Myspace is probably a smart thing to do! 
  3. SAVE UP GOLD!! when the stock market crashes Americans are going to start using gold as currency
  4. Blue-Tooth headset! for hands free communication and smart looks! 
  5. Don’t have kids! Kids cost tons and tons of money! instead you get more $$$
  6. Time shares! Who wants to pay the whole price?!? 
  7. Pretend to be homeless! ehhhh spare sommmmmmee chhhhanngE??? “God bless this man!! heres a quarter!”
  8. Count cards! free money basically….
  9. Gambling!! just eat a bowl of Lucky Charms before
  10. recycle! Recycling is smart!! 
  11. Re-use! continue to use old water bottles!!! 
  12. Don’t drive trucks… trucks kill money and the atmosphere! instead buy a Prius and be like Jerry!! 
  13. make your own Pajama’s no need for Ralph Lauren brand silk pajama’s!!!
  14. Stay away from poor people!! if you here someone talking about NASCAR, you run, run and get somewhere safe
  15. Mugging people! just don’t get caught!! 
  16. babysit in free-time! 
  17. borrow friends movies and games!
  18. marry a rich man/women! 
  19. seduce Oprah
  20. Seduce Dr. Phil

Okay so basically these are the easiest ways to earn tons of money and get awesome cars like Lambo’s and what not! If you want to make money like by going to college and working hard for it, you are basically dirt water. No joke. I also suggest when you are super rich and injected up with Botox to hire young Lion tamers to keep count on your money! Good luck!

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