How to get into a relationship!



Yo what’s Gucci? just kidding, it’s a clothing brand. So alot of people are single which is sad 😦 so I want to give you the best advice to get into a relationship so you can pursue your way until further victory! this advice can not only get you a girlfriend/boyfriend but you will have a group of young Greek philosophers to write love stories about you(ex: The Notebook). Also if you are looking for someone that is the perfect match for you please go to E-Harmony. I am matching you with the right person, I’m telling you how to get the person.      

  1. Drive cool cars like Mustangs and Accord’s
  2. Ride shirtless on stallions always.
  3. Eat Steak and lobster everyday
  4. Buy her what she wants 
  5. Somehow pick up a Latino accent 
  6. Slick back your hair 
  7. Stare at them thighs
  8. Be Anthony Banderas
  9. Never finish your sentence, leave her hanging and thinking( Girls love that! trust me..)
  10. Tell her that you will marry her one day
  11. Don’t call her by her right name ( to busy thinking about you 😉 )
  12. Invite her fishing
  13. Fart in front of her (shows her that you are comfortable in front of her) 
  14. Slap her around ( let her know you are boss)
  15. Explain that she is the best carrier for your child
  16. Always sniff her hair, you want to know her scent
  17. Ignore her questions about if you want to meet her parents
  18. Let them know, what you are all about
  19. Show them my blog and say that it’s either me or this strange Steven kid
  20. Wear deodorant (don’t be a pig)

So good luck on getting into a relationship! I think that if you put your mind to it and try your best to explain why you think you are the best option to her, you might just be in there.  

One response to “How to get into a relationship!”

  1. RealistNiggaofAtlanta says :

    Fuck bitches get hummus

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