Sunshine the Hipster

Sunshine the Hipster


Everyday I would comb my hair in a new path to show my urban and hipster lifestyle. One day I decided to Part my Über successful hair in the middle and throw on some Denim cargo shorts. I went down to my chamber (basement) and opened up the fridge where my tuna salad was. I returned to my sister’s room and watched Zoey 101 and feasted on my tuna salad. I turned the volume up to a level were you needed to listen closely so you can’t make noise and eat but only to listen( which made eating hard because I was really hungry for my tuna salad but I mean I have to keep my hipster lifestyle). After finishing Zoey 101 I ate the rest of the tuna salad and got on my pocket bike and rode down to the dock. The dock was my favorite place of all time, dangerous part of town but very fun and easy going. When I arrived at the dock I saw some guys get out of a black car and walk over to a guy who was standing with a briefcase. The guy with the briefcase was immediately shot in the face, and in panic I pulled out my Lucky ninja throwing stars and threw them swiftly at the killers. Having bad aim and horrible physical condition the stars missed and hit a gas tank blowing up half the dock killing a factory of small Irish immigrants making Nail clippers for CVS. in the the two gun men started chasing after me when another ninja star ricochet off a crane and nailed me in the stomach, spilling out my tuna salad . when victims of this nasty incident the two men ran back to the car and drove away. I laid on the ground in pain cursing about the tuna salad, wondering why it would turn on me. I then died. 


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