How to Keep Cool! (temperature)




Due to the fact that a lot of girls are starting to wear more inappropriate clothes, I have come to the conclusion that the outside temperature is getting warmer. Warmer temperature means warmer bodies and then we start developing sweat. Sweat is really gross and nasty, I suggest you all wear deodorant. Now ladies, a good bit of you are starting to lay outside in the sun and tan with your mother Elaine. I highly suggest you wear Sun-block. I don’t wish to continue talking about tanning and being safe, I am making this to show you how to keep cool and stay relaxed, not sweating and breathing heavily scaring away the more popular people.


  1. Always drink water. Very crucial don’t want to dehydrate 
  2. find a tree to lay under and read a book. 
  3. Wear a hat! It can be anything from a ball cap to a snap back(Ya dude snap backs dude)
  4. Eat a Popsicle! the cold snack will soothe throats and have you saying “ahhh!!” 
  5. Bring a small fan around to have the heat blasted away
  6. Wife-beaters. Have some air for you arms! 
  7. Ladies wear tank tops! We don’t mind as long as you look good! 
  8. hiring young children to fan you off with large plants and feed you grapes. like $15 an hour if you have the money
  9. Take a dip in the pool! just don’t pee in it, that will cause it to become more warm and nasty
  10. Maybe take a break and go inside an air conditioned room, Lady:”honey I think that man is homeless?” Man“nope he just read Steven’s blog and took his advice!” Lady“what a smart man!”
  11. Stay inside and play Mario Kart
  12. Wear a turban
  13. Avoid contact with the lava monster
  14. Have a fight with a hose or two.
Okay so these are the best tips and advice to stay cool, and not throw a fit about the heat. If I see someone saying “oh…. it’s hot!!” I’m going to be really upset and recommend you read my blog. 


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