How to Be More Interesting!


A lot of people I know pretty much suck and can be very boring. But have no fear I am making a new blog post to show how you can alert people to see that you aren’t such a loser after all!! Also this isn’t a guide on how to be popular it’s how to be more Outgoing and attention grabbing!

  1. Bright clothes! (oh wow that guy must be happy about his life!!)
  2. Put a pencil behind your ear! Makes people wonder how smart you are!
  3. Always post your leg up on something! makes people question “man that guy is thinking deep!”
  4. Show people my blog! people will think you like interesting things!
  5. Avoid eye contact
  6. Tell people lies
  7. Lie about your life
  8. Start Rumors
  9. Judge people
  10. Eat strange and different looking salads
  11. Make loud and obnoxious noises
  12. Be a happy person
  13. Always put on hand sanitizer
  14. Tell people that your dad only drives German, Like Audi’s and Whatnot
  15. Carry around a paint brush, painting colors along the way!
  16. Don’t button up shirts
  17. Ask questions that blow people’s mind.
  18. Watch the sun-set and laugh historically
  19. Wear your back-pack on one shoulder
  20.  Pick fights with Nature, and win.

Good luck, Tools.

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