A message from future self.



Hey younger version of me! I just want to say that you need to tell uncle Henry no! I don’t want that to happen! Okay so basically you need to stop telling people that you are proud you have a size 30 waist (that will happen when your 18 because Dustin accidently shoots your stomach with a 12 gauge, rushing you to the hospital and you get lipo to get the bullet out). Also It’s up to you Steven to fight and destroy the evil Wizard that keeps your friends inside the tower. Weird story, it’s going to happen. You also go to Georgia Tech and graduate with a 4.3 and basically any girl wants you to be their big poppa. After college you meet back with the old gang, you talk and eat chips while listening to the great sounds of piano being played in the cafe of your back yard. Also you need to let go of the old memories you had. that’s in the past, you didn’t make it to Hollywood on American Idol, we all felt bad trust me! Also on SBelve don’t eat the shrimp pasta on Saturday night, it’s a trap! but life will be all good! just keep doing your dream and following your footsteps, seems impossible but you invented it. If you don’t get the picture you will see soon. 


Good luck 

-Steven Kootz, 2047 

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