Let’s Put a Stop to Terrorism!



I love living in America! It’s really sweet! But other countries like France, Canada, and Germany are just like us but the people smell a little more different. What makes me very disappointed is that, terrorist try to attack other countries and then blame it on other people? I mean come on Iraq stop it! So I think it’s time we as citizens of the peaceful world stand up and destroy terrorism. Stopping terrorism may be very hard, but have no fear I made an anagram that will be sure to hep out! just remember VINCE

V- (violence) fight the terrorist with your fists

I- (ice cream) offer them something they can’t deny

N-( No please don’t bomb me) makes them feel bad for what they are going to do.

C-( crack open a bottle of wine) how about a nice date Mr. Bin Laden 😉

E-(eczema) no one wants to talk to anyone with eczema


So there you go, more very bad advice for something that doesn’t apply to any of you.


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