How to Accept the Right Person Into your Life



Accepting people into your life can be very hard. You never know if they are serial killers, Business men, or a paleontologist. The right person is someone you trust, someone you can call and ask “hey can you see what time Wife Swap is on?”. Trust is a big issue, to see that they trust you, you should tell them your biggest secret, and hopefully they won’t tell a soul! 

  1. Don’t let someone who wants to take advantage of what you have. (unless it makes your more popular)
  2. Find someone you can share a papaya with
  3. Great minds think alike. If you guys like separate things, just split your friendship up. 
  4. If they drive a truck, don’t trust them. they are killing the environment. 
  5. Always have them make the DiGiorno Pizza 
But this is a short list, since it’s Easter I want you to not read as much and go outside and play find the easter egg, while Uncle Henry plays drink the scotch and everything else in the cupboard you cant reach.
Happy Easter!! 
-Love Steven!! 

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