Getting into Shape!!


Hey what’s up skinny white people? So after everyone’s spring break photo’s came up I realized that a lot of you have what Doctors call, lame body. It’s alright you have 6 weeks to get ready for summer and look the best you have ever looked! some of you may be like: “what? Steven, how can I get fit and cut in 6 weeks? that’s 6 weeks of hard work!” I know it may be hard for all of you but don’t worry I have some new advice for you all! Just read it, and do it. I’ve posted advice before, just trust me.

  1. Stop complaining. just do it. Talking about being weak doesn’t make your biceps curl 50lb dumbbells
  2. Sometimes us humans walk places for our needs. Instead of walking go up a higher pace in what some health officials call running. It’s good for you.
  3. Stop eating junk food. Do you want Diarrhea?
  4. Shape ups are great for support and look great!
  5. Purge your food! its going to go to waste in your stomach! just get rid of it!
  6. Outside most Americans have a basketball hoop in their front yard. Call me over and 1on1 me and lose horrible. this should make you want to play harder and then you challenge me again and beat me.
  7. Purchase a jump rope. do sets of 100 every 5 minutes
  8. Start a ring of underground fighting. Have you seen UFC fighters? they are really strong!
  9. Steroids. If you have the money to spend, do it.
  10. Read my blog
  11. Joust your neighbor
  12. Get your Colon removed
  13. Just drink creatine and protein shakes
  15. drink Hydrogen Peroxide! it makes you feel greater
  16. There is like tons of Pills out there for weight cut, try like all of those!
  17. Instead of only Tanning, walk/run and get a tan while doing both!!
  18. Avoid Calories and water
  19. Eat tapeworms. They did it in the early 1900’s why stop?
  20. Reconstruct your whole body

Okay so a lot of you already have 6-packs from reading this. do at least 2 more of these steps, boom 8-pack. If you do all 20 steps in 6 weeks, my god you will be Mario Lopez himself. So stop sitting on the couch thinking about why your Uncle Phil left his wife. Because she had kids and really let her self go.

21. Don’t have kids

Good luck!

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