Alright, I am really bad talking about my life, so I am going to do what I do best. MOTHA FLIPPIN ADVICE. So I want to help you guys out so you can help your children out for the future. Recycling is pretty cool, like how we can re-use things and then use that again. Now most people think only liberals recycle, that’s false! Everyone recycles! besides Rednecks, they are polluting the air with NASCAR and their monster truck shows. Alright so strap on your finger less gloves and start planting your own Vegetable garden because you are about to blasted by Knowledge.

  1. Don’t throw away plastic, Refill them and let the poor people use them
  2. Use Matt Siegel’s hair and make sweaters
  3. Don’t make fires when you are cold, use a blanket! Think about the wood we waste!!!
  4. Use the wood and make a surf board!
  5. instead of printing off my blog, just read it off your computer.
  6. Carpool, ride bikes, and if you are a wizard you can teleport, or ride your broom
  7. Laura should sell her brand new VW Tiguan and instead of getting 20 MPG she can get a Prius and get 50 MPG, smart right?
  8. Your back yard has extra dirt, so take some of that and plant flowers around your local park
  9. Solar panels are pretty cool
  10. Buy organic food, and stop eating greasy fast food, some of the grease can be put into hair gel, so we all can look like Rob Lowe from the 70’s
  11. Toilets now a days have low flush for weak sauce urination and heavy flush for your big monstrous poops
  12. Lights are stupid, I don’t know what Thomas Eddyson invented that crap. use candles, they are a lot more romantic and don’t cause your bill to be expensive.
  13. Do what Dustin does, he is very good about recycling!
  14. Share Bread sticks and soup at olive garden
  15. instead of gun fights, man it out and joust. Women will be all over you

Alright I hoped all this helped! I have to go eat dinner know, but I assure you my blogging game will be so much better next week! I promise! I usually tend to keep promises, since I’m not a douche bag.

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