How To Get Your Grades Up!


So some of you may be struggling in some of your classes and not really trying. I’m here to help! Hi my name is Steven, and I believe that if you read my guide on how to get your grades up, you will not only see improvement ,you will also see your parents have more interest in you. Sometimes school can be very lame and you just want to rip-stick or sniff markers. School is important, you should try your very best and do all your homework while maintaining a great GPA

  1. Like I said, do all your homework!
  2. Pair up with the kids who couldn’t afford to get sent to Wheeler. They are smart!
  3. Don’t make conversation in class.
  4. Sit in the front and shut your mouth.
  5. Read my blog! I got like tons of educational stuff on here!
  6. Cheat off your neighbor in class
  7. Read tons of books
  8. Tube feed yourself, so you can spend more time studying
  9. Stop listening to Wiz Kaleefa and Macdonald Miller light. Mozart made his music for a reason…
  10. Sometimes teachers lectures can be boring and make you tired. So take like tons of caffeine pills to stay awake!
  11. Wake up everyday knowing that you live and breathe success.
  12. You need to get at least 8 hours of sleep, I suggest going to bed at 9.
  13. Use mechanical pencils, it’s 2012. wooden pencils might give you splinters and then you hurt your hand so then you have to go to finger therapy.
  14. This guy I know, Carter Portwood, is like a really smart guy and you should get tips from him
  15. Operation 73-Bjork flanderburg: Brain reconstruction, like a 60% of dying. but if you want to get smart and cheat the system with brain power, I highly suggest this, like 100%, my uncle did it, but he died so I personally don’t know if it works. but this guy Stephen Hawkins did it. Now look at him.

Okay nerds, I hoped this helped! well you should be nerds afterwards! And just something else. When I post this on Twitter saying read it, I mean you read it. don’t just look and be like oh that lame sauce Douche bag Steven made a new blog post and is letting us know on Twitter, what a twerp. No, don’t do that, I have feelings. What you need to do is RT(and none of the Favoriting bull crap) the post that has the Blog URL, so then tons of people look at my blog and people think you have good taste. It’s a win win situation. I don’t want to sound like some underage boy asking for RT’s but I just want everyone to see my blog. I could use some more blog views. Also if you RT this, I will give you a hug, no joke. when I lock eyes with you in the hall I will approach you and give you a hug (with your consent of-course). So think about it!



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