Haiku’s And Such

These are Haiku’s I made, no joke. Don’t steal them. ©. Okay that’s a copyright symbol. If you copy, I sue. You understand me? 





Early sunshine Glows

I feel rays ad-mist my skin

I am eating Moes



My dog barks constant

the shock collar works wonders

It killed him sadly



Coffee taste dope ,doe!!! 

Caffeine has me acting cray

I am black and pround



polygamist swag

All these ladies spitting game

Marriage really sucks…



Steven Kootz has flow

Check my sneakers, classic fit

too bad I’m crying



One time I was jumped

I fought the robber proudly

I have no money



My grandpa walks slow

His wheelchair is important 

Please, don’t push him down



I smell the Lotus

my eyes burn and tears rush out

oops, that’s an onion



I’m sitting in health class

Learning about ovaries, yikes! 

fatherhood is near…



I don’t play trumpet

I am not Louis Armstrong

Because I am white



Sippin on my drank

man yo gurl b lookin fine

oh no, That’s a man!! 



Oh wow! You’re engaged? 

her ring looks so fab my man!! 

You went to Jared’s!! 



I think your blouse shines

my feelings for you are true

False, I’m a robot 



This one time I skiied

I thrashed some Gnarly snow ramps

frostbite was worth it



Have you seen cars 2? 

I love Owen Wilson’s voice! 

Luke Wilson is lame



Well, there you go! I made all these Haiku’s! I hope you enjoy them! 


On another note. Thank you to anyone who views my blog, and a special thank you to the ones who keep up with it! 


One response to “Haiku’s And Such”

  1. vigilantejournalismo says :

    I’m afraid your poetic verses have left me numb to the follies of the physical world, these are symbols of pure trancendence good sir.

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