Questions and concerns!!


So this is just a segment I do every month. I take your questions that were asked and I reply back to them with my great advice!

Q; Can I put carrots in the freezer?- Anonymous

Hello! Yeah! you can put anything you want in the freezer! I highly suggest using the freezer! why waste food from 2 years ago? freeze that ish right up!

Q: I’m a mother of a very christian family and a week ago I caught my son masturbating. Since then I have noticed that he does this at least four to five times a day. How do I release the evil from him so that he can stop committing adultery and study the bible? – Anonymous and concerning mother

Woah! Well first off you need to perform an exorcism immediately! and you need to stop buying energy drink! he is doing it so may times a day because he has the energy to do it! So start buying cold cut turkey sandwiches and cut his showering time to only 5 minutes a day. After this he should be right back on track! 

Hey thanks guys for the great questions!! I can’t wait to do this next month!! 

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