How To Get Your Point across.




Hey I hoped we all had a good Earth Day! Now we can get back to throwing away cans and plastic! Just kidding that kills the environment! And a bad environment is an angry Al Gore, an angry Al Gore is a no more internet for a week. So let’s continue to recycle.

Alright I can sometimes tell when people are really struggling to join in on conversation, you can always see them gasp open their mouth like a river of words are going to spill out and speak or something. But, that’s not working for you, you see you have you alert the ones around you so you can jump in and lead the conversation, because let’s face it, you are more important than most people.  

When Waiting For Your Turn To Speak

  1. Let people know you want to talk by raising your hand! “Hey I think Charlie wants to be called on!”. 
  2. Give them a stare that get’s into their mind and has them think. “wait I should let this guy talk, I obviously have nothing good to say anyways, it’s like his stare means he has some real good news he has to share”.
  3. Just interrupt them. What are they talking about anyways? Lego’s? 
  4. Sometimes when someone is talking you can flash some ham in their face, they will get distracted and eat the ham, letting you have your time to speak
  5. Open up my bog on your smart phone and put it in the middle of your stupid little group therapy talk session. Everyone will look at it since it’s super interesting, amazing, and not Sex and the City. 


When You Have Room To Start Conversation

  1. Put your arm around the person who you would like to speak to and gently talk to them and tell them what’s on your mind
  2. Shout very loudly and have people look at you! From this method all the attention is going to be on you. You may speak now! 
  3. Start off by saying hello, then make sure you don’t ask a lot of questions since you are more interesting than everyone else, therefor having more and better things to say. 
  4. Step on their foot “accidently” so they will be looking at you. This is another good attention grabber, you then apologize and start your conversation. 
  5. NEVER talk about politics
  6. You can always Tweet and make Facebook posts about what you’re thinking, usually someone will respond and be like “Shut up” or “Go outside, weirdo” and even “Fake!”
  7. Protesting is good too! Go somewhere and put what you want people to know on a picket fence and go at it! 
  8. The way you dress reflects who you are. “Ey mane Like my Gucci Shirt make me like b all like cool and ppl like always no I b sw4ggin”

Here you go!! I hope we all can learn to be better public speakers from this!! 


HEY! Remember to RT this and even post it on Facebook being like “hey read this guys blog!” it will get you somewhere in life!” If not it’s fine I understand people are busy. 


P.S: Sharing my blog gets you into cooler night clubs and discos. cooler night clubs and disco’s mean hotter ladies and men. so everyone. Make up your mind, hmmmm?? 

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  1. hello says :

    this is so beautiful thx so much you rly help me everyday!!!1

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