How To Stay Clean!



Hi everyone! Today I’m going to make a post were I (Steven) talk about the multiple ways that you can stay clean! Staying clean is not just good hygiene. No, it’s having a clean surrounding. Meaning the clothes you wear, your room, and even having a clean car. 


  1. Brush your teeth! No one wants Beetle juice to live in their mouth
  2. Comb/brush your hair! We all want nice and sexy hair! 
  3. Wear your socks all around the house! Bacteria is just looking to cling to your feet! 
  4. After you jammin Bass Sesh, be sure to clean the strings and make sure the cord is unplugged. 
  5. After you use the restroom, doesn’t matter what you are doing in there, wash your hands. I don’t care if you are walking in there to call up your buddy Jorge or let the stink out. You need to wash your hands.
  6. Avoid spider nests! They can plant eggs on you and when they hatch you will have thousands of spiders running up and down you. You don’t want that! Just ask Kevin!!! 
  7. Don’t do Meth! you will have a cleaner face! 
  8. Use the happiness of my blog to give your face a smile, a smile makes a person look clean! remember that! 
  9. Don’t put trash in your car! take it inside and throw it away! 
  10. After playing in the mud and doing Zoomba class, take a shower! 

So doing all this will make you a cleaner and just a better overall person. Seriously, don’t just sit around. Take a shower. And again thanks for viewing my blog!! Tell the whole world and share it please! Most people don’t share it. But when you share it and I see you in the hallway at school I get a smile on my face and I think like “hey, that person shared my blog!”. But then I realized I said that aloud. 

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