How To Be A Kardashian!

Hey! what’s going on? Not much I hope! ūüėČ So today’s post is How To Be A Kardashian, if you missed the title. Being a Kardashian is many Americans dreams! Sadly I know! but awesome, yes! I would kill to be Kourtney! For those who don’t know the Kardashian’s real father ,Robert Kardashian, who got OJ Simpson proved not guilty. Lame right? since OJ obviously¬†committed¬†murder. ¬†But I’m sure the girls don’t like their real father! so their mom Kris, who is married to Bruce Jenner, he is cool since he won medals and what not for out country, AMERICA.¬†Okay so let’s get to it!!

I present!

How To Be A Kardashian!

  1. GET THEM CURVES!! it’s all about them curves gurl!!¬†
  2. Always get caught doing stuff in public! Such a Kim thing….
  3. get into a relationship with someone who plays sports, or who is into hip-hop
  4. Have beauty products that not only make you look better, but ones that smell nice! 
  5. Get your own TV show on E that exploits your whole family!!! 
  6. Be really good friends with Seacrest!!! He will get you places in life! trust me! 
  7. Always overload your face with tons of makeup! hire like 12 young Chinese males to always take care of it.
  8. Botox! to put makeup on your face, you need to have a nice sexy face! so Load it up with that BOTOX! Kris and Bruce are doing it right!! 
  9. Blow tons of money on things you don’t really need!¬†Rings, boats, Weddings, etc
  10. Refer to my other post “How To Get Rich!” which says marry a rich guy. DO THAT!!¬†
  11. Have close relationships with People magazines! They always seem to be on the covers
  12. Start rumors about yourself
  13. Make uni-sex fragrance!  

So there you have it! just stick yo butt out and get them boi’s to come a hollr’n!!

Congratulations to Keeping Up with the Kardashians who have been signed for another 3 years!

And be sure to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians May,20,2012 !!! There will be tons of excitement!!

Also remember if you want to be a friend and RT this, It’s all yours! and thanks again for helping and supporting!!


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