Yo dogs its been a while! I love life! I love my friends! What’s up Richard? I would like to thank people with their great patients and love! 

“YOUR SUPPORT IS AMAZING!!!!”-cross dressing Trovolta

Summer, a time enjoyed by kids and Guidos world wide. I am going to put up such a huge list! I want to explain that summer is a time of lonely but fun filled nights with your friends. where you just live. Live life everyone!!! 

  1. Put whip cream in your slippers and run around! Man that kid is a goof! but he sure has nice slippers! 
  2. Classic choice but I say go to the Pool! I’ve been to the pool a lot and man lemme tell you Laura! I am so tan!! 
  3. Yo dog, listen to Kanye on tape
  4. Shape up some mud pies! free and delicious! 
  5. Go to Menchies and visit Monroe and Siegel! Yogurt that’s healthy and tasty! 
  6. Have Chit chat convos with life guards like Sam G and Dusty Miz
  7. wear the opposite sex of underwear! Hey man you are a cross dresser! nah dog just livin life
  9. go to indie rock band concerts! I’ve already been to none! but I may go in like July? 
  10. stage dive into a plate of chicken wings! it hurts but it taste so great! 
  11. ride your Stallion to your loved ones house and sing romantic Opera. 
  12. Yo dude listen to Mac miller and WIz dude! YAAAA DUDE!!!! 
  13. dont follow #12
  14. Buy a pair of Keds! Ill have a pair soon! 
  15. listen to the voices in your head!
  16. Rent sister act 3 with a friend
  17. Become a Jedi
  18. Go to a summer camp with your Cousin Jacob! 
  19. Dont do Meth,PCP, or Crack! 
  20. make cut outs of your favorite TV characters! Mines Zooey Deschanel
  21. Don’t boil a goose, just eat it how you find it
  22. Form your body into some kind of space ship and fly into a place far away, where love is everywhere and peace is with us!
  23. Hey man you should Recycle! its cool trust me! 
  24. Sell your gas guzzling truck and buy a convertible Prius
  25. Also Girls DONT wear cowboy boots with shorts! I HATE THAT! I HATE WHEN PEOPLE DO THAT! I ALSO HATE WHEN GIRLS IN GENERAL WEAR COWBOY BOOTS ITS NOT CUTE I HATE IT!!! Whats your fashion statement there? OH I dont know what shoes I can rock this american eagle tank top with? umm I mean flip flops will do but I want to grab attention and have everyone look at me so I’m going to wear cowboy boots! 
  26. Dont wear shorts and cowboy boots
  27. Come to one of my Stand up shows! 
  28. dye your Kleenex different colors so when you blow your nose its not boring white
  29. Chow down on some new foods like Gourds, Cobblers, and watermelons. 
  30. Just do you. as long as you don’t wear cowboy boots 


Let the awkward family beach photo’s roll in! 

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