How To Be Just Darn Good Looking

Hey first off, thanks for reading, second I want to talk to you all about something serious. It’s called spreading the word. I want all of you who reads this to show it to your friends, RT it, post it on a forum space, make URL copies and post them over town, I’m talking about making merchandise and selling that ish! Okay? Don’t make merch, you don’t have the copyright for that. 

“This blog has all of Nigeria Shaking!!”- White Oprah

“this blog has the mooOOooOOOOOoooves like jager!!”- clay Aiken




  1. Always clean your eyes out, great looking eyes lead to great looking friends and that means you get good looking friends! 
  2. guys: slick your hair back and let it flow in the back, man you are soo adventuress!! 
  3. Sundresses are cool!! adds effect you know
  4. Have your friends put you on What Not To wear 
  5. slide tackle your way through a Sears outlet mall and you will be covered in a great variety of clothes, perfumes and just looking more dapper than ever! 
  6. True Statistic: you become 2% more healthier when you read my blog
  7. Every night clean your toes with Dr.pepper mixed with fanta, relaxes and has them looking better than ever
  8. Ask your mom for her Moose, I know she has some!! Kayla….
  9. Look up pictures of your favorite models and do opposite. 
  10. Plastic surgery 
  11. ask your parents to rebirth you because they did an awful job the first time… Talking to you Trish and Ken
  12. angle your pants and if will cause a reflection off your face which will make you look 3 lbs lighter. 
  13. get facials done so you can get rid of that disgusting crap off your disgusting face
  14. You know when are brushing your teeth before you go somewhere, do it like 10 more times so you don’t have worms crawling through there. 
  15. always smile! smiling makes you look better
  16. BOTOX IT UPPPP!!! 
  17. drinking martini’s will increase your looks
  18. in a crowd of people make it look like you have the most interesting things to say. People will always want to come up to you since you stand out positively and you probably wont talk about your uncles muscles or something. Weird right? 
  19. Ointments 
  20. a nice tight fitting shirt around the arms and shoulders with a little bit of a loose angled part around the waist will do wonders. 


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2 responses to “How To Be Just Darn Good Looking”

  1. vigilantejournalismo says :

    Whoopie Goldberg’s picture not included…

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