An Inspiring Yet Delightful Evening (Groove To The Boogie ep.1)



The day started as the day usually starts, The sun coming up, my father brewing his coffee, the aroma of fresh squeezed orange juice from our maid Senorita galleta, and let’s not forget my body awakening from it’s previous slumber. I realized that I almost had gone into a sad stage because last night I had a great, time, no, I had an amazing time at the disco. Charlie and I met soon with Kurt and Pete, as we made our way to K-mart to buy some boogie fresh tank tops and flairs so all the ladies would be like “DAMN!!!!!!!!, I have what he’s having!! You know what! I will have what he is having! Oh no, now I just wasted all this time talking about things that he may want and know he is gone!!!”. Meaning the boys would get little action, but I mean who needs action with ladies when you can disco that soul of yo’s brotha love!! When the four met at the disco they immediately went to the roller floor since that’s where the Anaconda Rwanda Riot Team(our roller team name) did best . Man and let me tell you, we funked all night! I mean I was funking with my boys and my boys were funking with me I mean I wish my parents where here to see me funked! We were nailing all our stunts and all our roller skill double absolute combo statue punctuation situations. By the end of the night, we were legends I mean one guy said how cute we are and we should come to his Van for Candy! Pete, Charlie and I weren’t hungry but Kurt was, he must have went home we didn’t see him the rest of the night. The remaining three of us soon went back to charlie’s house and his loving mom made waffle’s, bacon, and chicken strips!  Charlie asked if we can spend the night but his sister read a study that it’s more likely to be murder’d in your house then being assassinated as the president of Hong-Kong, so the mother didn’t want any law suits. So I just went home, but as I walked home a lovely lady greeted me and we soon got talking but it was my aunt Susan, she was looking for crack, I didn’t know she still did crack, crack is bad if you ask me. When Susan left I made my way home where I fell in my bed and soon my eyes couldnt take it anymore and crashed into my brain while my body functioned in a way I cant control. 



And that is my definition of sleep.


“well Steven you failed, this was not the project”- Mrs. Ugly face (she doesn’t get a name because I hate her) 

“I mean I don’t really care I’m the one sleeping in 800 thread count sheets Mrs. Ugly Butt Monkey Face”- Me ( I totally got ISS) 


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