Mike Likes Tim.

The day starts off like any day doesn’t it? Yes, for the young lad, Michael, his day began like any other boy, cereal, with 2 glasses of milk, and his flinstone vitamins, how could he forget? Mike as what his parents called him grew to be an exceptional yet lovely child. In his house he grew up with his brother Tim. Tim was tall and basically the hero to Mike’s destiny. Tim had it all in Mike’s eyes. He had the looks, swagger, and even body odor Mike craved. In his attempt to copy the like structures of Tim, Mike realized Tim was much weaker than him. Mike was very strong and very smart, he had biceps like the great mountains of Cairo, if Cairo has mountains, Im not to sure, lol. One day Tim realizes maybe he just lost his swagger since Mike would be on his own doing his thing, so he began to have the want to get attention, He wanted it all about him, it had to be all about him, he missed the days. As this resistance began to increase Mike realized he felt bad for turning against Tim. On Thanksgiving Mike made a big turkey for Tim and gave him a big hug, but he didn’t realize that Tim was a murderer, so instead of giving thanks, Tim gave Mike a stab the the heart with his knife he got from a Wal-mart for $14. Life pretty much sucked for Mike after that, because he died. Tim went to jail but found love in his cell mate, Jaunes. God  bless them and their 3 year old child.

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