The love of my life!

Her hair, locks of dirty brown but just with a little touch of blonde streaks, it begins streaming through the wonderful feeling of 71 degree air conditioning. I looked at her, My eyes inched into the formation of her eyes, making very uncomfortable eye contact, it was awkward yet beautiful! She looked away of course, but I kept staring, she stole my heart making me belated, yes. Class had ended and she quickly got up and sprinted like that Jamaican Runner guy Usaine Bolt( weird name right?). I paced with great speed through the halls to catch up but she saw me and zoomed away in the to dark crevice of the women’s bathroom. I hope I wasn’t being weird, I just hoped I wasn’t! Why won’t she talk to me? Is it because I’m unpopular? Is it because I’m not on an Old Spice commercial? The next day came by and I got to class early and saw a spot next to her that was open. The extravagant woman opened her mouth speaking with a very hostile tone “Listen, Gordon, You are my cousin, you need to stop giving me creepy looks and writing me love letters, that’s incest, and really messed up”. She was right, I felt like a pig. As the night came over me I realized that I need to lower my standards. And so I did, from all this I have met my wife Sheila! She is hard to look at but hey! So the important lesson here today: If your cousin isn’t in to you, just lower your standards a lot!!!

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3 responses to “The love of my life!”

  1. vigilantejournalismo says :

    Fantastically hilarious.

  2. vigilantejournalismo says :

    wording at the beginning a bit weird, not bad just noticable.

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