I’m up early, I have a soccer game to catch. 

I’m up early, dad make biscuits.

I’m up early, I heard a loud truck drive by.

I’m up early, I found myself in a panic

I’m up early, the Advil PM didn’t work.

I’m up early, I haven’t even gone to sleep yet.

I’m up early, Never mind it’s not even 6 in the afternoon yet.

I’m up early, I’m always up early. Why? Because I, I am a morning person. I will and always will be one. It’s a curse, a curse that causes me to think deep. deep into my state of sleep. sleep is what I need, I find myself waking up at 5 in the morning. I find myself taking naps at 9 in the morning, I have just cheated the system, I took a nap. I’M NOT ALOUD TO DO THAT.

I’m up early, still thinking about how I took a nap yesterday

I’m up early, It’s raining. 

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