Gary’s New Job at LA FItness



“Gary, Gary, GARY”

“huh, yeah Mr. Cleveland?”

“someone dropped a load in the showers again, you need to go clean it up, and we are out of gloves, so use some paper towels.”

“I have to clean that..”

“thanks kids.” Mr Cleveland interrupting

Gary walks into the showers and starts to pick up the mess

“man I hate my job, stupid mom saying how I need a job” Gary quietly talks to himself

“huh? you say something?” a man coming out of a covered shower.

“No, I was just ranting about my job”

“ah I see, sorry about that surprise over there, you can thank Luis on that one!” “you new here?”

“yeah I am, do you work here? and who is Luis?”

“yeah I’ts my day off I just came to rep some curls, and Luis! Our manager man! He always messes with the new guys! Like when I started working here, he made me deliver someones baby in the Sana.”

“Luis as in Luis Cleveland?”

“yeah, great guy, he did sell my girlfriend into a gang of Vietnamese wristband makers, though.”

Mr. Cleveland slowly watches them on the secret camera, he becomes… Nervous Gary might rebel.

“I’m going to give him piece of my mind”

Gary starts walking out of the locker room and into the gym past the nursey room, passing the Soup kitchen and making his way into Mr. Cleveland’s office.”

“HEY MAN?! WHAT THE HELL?” Gary is like super angry

“Hey, Gary, you’re fired!”

“what? I was coming here to..”

interrupted again Mr. Cleveland says “yep, get out of my face and never return to LA Fitness again, you are TRASH.”

Gary gets on his moped and speeds off. Returning home he is met with his mother

“Gary, why are you so home this early?”

“they made me clean human fesses, mom”


“yeah mom, I’m sor..”

“FOR GOD SAKES GARY!! I mean that manager made an employee deliver you in a SANA!”

“woah no way that was me?”

“Forget it Gary, just go to your dad’s house…”

“Mom, but no!!! Dad makes me watch his homemade debate videos over Antique roadshow!!”

the mother slowly pulls out her belt

Gary shows up at his dad’s house

“Hey, Gary. What are you doing here?”

with his dad halfway out the door a woman peers over his shoulder

“Dad, who’s that?”

“uhh don’t worry about it, and come back later, I’m busy”

The door slammed and Gary heard the girl giggle.

Gary walks to the tennis courts and lays on the benches and thinks what he did wrong.

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