What’s Hot and What’s Not: With Your Host, Steven

Hey are you tired of having teachers at school laugh in your face because you aren’t up to date on the things that are cool? Yeah I bet you are tired of that! I know I am…or at least, was. I’ve grown into, something greater, something….cooler. 



Blender Bottles!

I see a ton of people at school with these! THEY ARE SOOOO IN!! Even though most people just walk around shaking them to make noise and be all like:

 “ehh girl look, I got a shaker bottle, it had muscle milk in it earlier but now it’s empty because I just got done doing squats.” SO GET ONE!



Now Zoosk is what I can get into!! Zoosk gives you all the features to finding love, friendship and even an easy way to get murdered. I give Zoosk 13/17 Eco-friendly sugar cookies. 




Tank tops

Now Tank tops are a total NOT. Tank tops have been extinct since ewww!!! That’s right! don’t do tank tops! Whenever a tank top is being shown a harmless child is exploited to the raw and pure unnatural healthiness of types of shirts.




Silly Bands

Back in the early 1800’s men would choke out their wives with rubber bands shaped like animals to publicly humiliate them. THIS IS HOW THEY WERE MADE. So in like 2007 or 08 some guy was like “ehh Mark let’s bring back some medieval torture devices and make bank” Mark said no, so the man went into the business by himself made tons of money and OD’d on crack cocaine. Mark came into play and got them back on track. Oh and these are a total NO WAY JOSE! Please no silly bands, thanks! 







HEY so there is 2 not’s and 2 Hot’s!!! COME CHECK BACK NEXT WEEK!!!!


Thanks guys!!! 





One response to “What’s Hot and What’s Not: With Your Host, Steven”

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