Busy day at work



smelling the awful aroma of the whats about to be an extinct sharpie, Ted leans over his chair and implies that Jessica “stops”. 

“I’m sorry, am I bothering you? Or do you not care that I’m taking time out of my day to make the annual bake sale posters.” Jessica’s face began to explode over something very stupid. (Everyone at work hates her). 

“Oh my bad Jessica, I forgot you are currently on your what? 3rd husband and filing for divorce?”


Mr. Sanders came into the cubicle area and started mumbling but soon hit the right pitch for an appropriate sound of communication 

“hey Ted, and uhh Jessica, so we are needing two people to stay a little late tonight so we can finish our new Bagel cinnamon ice cream power point, think you guys are up for it? I’ll throw down for some ZAH (slang for pizza)”  

“yeah count me in! You know Ted master 3000 will do literally anything for some pizza”

“I bet you would do anything Ted, you scumbag bigget” Jessica thrashed in

“A real pain in the ass she is” Mr. Sanders looking at Ted with Jessica hearing all of it

When everyone started getting ready to leave for the day Ted and Jessica headed to the conference room to eat pizza and start the new ice cream power point

“Alright first thing first, killer intro and title” 

“Ted eat a twig, we need to make a rough draft, an outline, and start our pro’s and cons list” Jessica was super lame

With the last person leaving Ted and Jessica put away their tension and did un-holy things in the office

The two are shown wearing robes and making a pentagram( Hence the un holy things, perverts). 

The walls shaked and the chairs rolled. They had summoned Microtough, the Demon of Microsoft office apps

“Ted buddy!! What’s up man? And wow this girl still works here? The demon who actually was quite nice and nerdy looking greeted the two like they knew each other for 12 Christmas’s 

“Hey man not much! Think you can help us out on this?” 

“It  would be my pleasure man”

The demon consumed pizza and drank two dr.peppers 

“well it’s all done!”

“thanks M.T, couldn’t have done it with out you!”

“WE COULD HAVE!!” Jessica started again to freak out 

“that took him 17 minutes, 17 minutes!!!!” 

the demon was upset and went back into his portal

“You don’t have to be such a hard ass Jessica” Ted was saddened and put on his coat and went home

Jessica pulled out a picture of her 2nd husband and began to cry. 

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