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What to eat Wednesday

Hey how is it coming? So like most birthed children they come from mothers, pretty cool right? So what these moms do is make meals, some kind of, dish or entree if I must say. So sometimes when you are off on your own it’s up to you to choose wear to eat. BUT DON’T FREAKING WORRY, OKAY I’M TALKING TO YOU KYLE. haha swag. so let’s start this segment shall we?

Shish-kabob Sandwich

Boy oh boy do I love these! Whether you enjoy meat, pita brad, lettuce and tomato you should endure your sweet sweet succulent mouth onto this mother flippin Mediterranean wonder . The first ime I got one I sat and stroked it softly for hours on end until I saw it becoming soggy, so I ate it, with love and nothing but gentle love.


If you enjoy melted cheese on toasted flour tortillas, you are in high demand to purchase one of these suckers! At the age of 12 little Guadalupe would milk cow and age their milk into cheese, doing so he would melt it into the tortilla, thus creating this beauty


If you like where Troy polimalu and his culture of Hawaiian people come from you have to have a pineapple. Just don’t eat the rigid sharp outer area, cut it open and feast upon it’s guts and glory. Pineapples create many different meals and drinks, in fact its my dads adult beverage flavored drink of choice, whenever he drinks a lot of them he begins to yell at me very abusively, it’s funny!


Forged from the anvil located in Jesus’s mouth, an angel by the name of Nabisco Ned created Mallomars for the pure enjoyment of friendship and. Succeeding in this task Ned became very rich and invested into Apple stock and child labor. With even more success and money, he in fact became famous.

Giant Turkey Legs

God of food, god of a turkey eating cult in Delaware, this magnificent animal body part gives honor among the me who partake. Some vikings only feed on such becoming nothing but 8 feet tall and full of muscle slaughtering any man and women in their path.


Thursday With a Sprout


I wake up, splash water on my face. Later on I see my wife Veronica staring seductively at my face. It gets even sexier as I remove my socks, soon the malicious odor of my feet grows out and reaches her face. I find myself at the hospital, she’s dead. What have I done?

Oh brother!!