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What to expect in 2013

So get ready people! 2013 is here!!



  1. Taylor swift chicken nuggets
  2. all my friends going to college
  3. The birth of my son John
  4. Rise of wickens
  5. a steep drop in price of popcorn
  6. movie prices skyrocket



BON IVER is going to live tweet his concert

Richard is getting his colon removed

Earmuffs go on sale

The birthing of my son Peter

Zoo Atlanta breakouts





Looking for the right something


I know what your thinking, lifetime movies with a house mom stuck at the house with a lousy husband who cheats on his wife. But I let you know I’m not married, not in a relationship, or divorced. I’m what the kids point and laugh at, I’m single. I’ve always wanted a Honda civic for some weird reason, mainly for the killer gas mileage. If you worship Satan I probably can’t be your friend due to our crazy different standards and the fear of me being afraid of weirdo’s. My friend Daniel knows this one guy named Paul, but we never see him since he died 6 years ago. I honestly prefer if deli workers didn’t get their hair in my food, nothing gets my day gloomier than some old gross brushed off hair smudged up in my pasta salad. And next door neighbor, yeah we all can hear you blasting Madonna, I love her too, but you don’t need to listen to Vogue 14 times a night so you deal away with your emotional problems, try a pen pal. Also if you are 13 and you are trying to rock a cut-off, stop you have yourself to blame. 


Don’t worry, all this world needs is patience, and with patience comes results. Really anything comes with results, so just do yourself.