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Must Play Video Games

Hey guys, I just want to make a new post today talking about What video games you should have played by now, if there isn’t any on the list that you haven’t played please deport yourself to china and work in a factory. Also there are 5 games starting from 5-1. 

5.Donkey Kong 64 

So basically I’m the original 90’s kid since all I did was watch Full House and play 64, but in my opinion this is the creme de la creme of N64 games

4.Custom Robo 

when it comes to robots, guns, illegal underground robot fights, and being a virgin you got to play CustomRobo. In this game you start off as a lonely guy at his grandmas house soon to rule the Chinese government over and take down his own father, sad stuff. 

3.Phantasy star online

PSO is a classic! absolutely fantastic! Even if you don’t enjoy these amazing Sega Korean graphics, that’s fine! try it for the game play, or try it for the lust of video games. In PSO you have to find this guys daughter, SPOILER ALERT she is dead the whole time and all you do is find his bracelet or something like that, again sad stuff. 

2.Elder Scrolls IV oblivion

What really grinds my gears is all this Skyrim talk, no love for Oblivion a game that even it’s sequel couldn’t beat. Overall Oblivion is a game that I can come back to and start over enjoying it more and more every time. And no sad endings! Woohoo! 

1. Mass Effect 2

Not only has the Mass Effect series grabbed my attention, it has also grabbed eye sight, literally I have to wear glasses now. Since I couldn’t put all 3 games for best ever, I went with the best of the best and chose the 2nd one, not a bold choice since it literally is the greatest thing to ever happen to my 16 year old self at the time.