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A Dance to Demonstrate

This is the 1st paragraph to my latest story, I hope you enjoy


Peering into his reflection Mark visualizes past the window into his open yard, rain collides into his grass, his flowers, his mailbox, and even on his new Ford Fiesta, peeling away the steel slowly into rust. Mark isn’t much a traditional man; in fact he hasn’t seen his parents in 3 weeks which is a rare occasion for a Kenningsworth family member. His dreadful summers in youth where spent outside his parents estate in Maine where he would dramatically swing on his play set gazing into his house as he watched his brothers and sister tug among toys and buy one get one free yogurt cups. Now at the age of 24 and quite successful Mark enjoys new things; badminton with his friend Elijah, riding his 3 speed around town, and going to public debates where he politically crushes everyone. Mark takes a green rugged lid out of his pocket and puts it on his cup of tea. The cracking door slowly opens and his umbrella peaks out, one step out and like a star expanding his umbrella shoots open. The door closes, the door locks, the door is now left alone while Mark does the same process in reverse to get inside his car. Down the driveway Mark goes, on his way to work like every Monday through Friday, quite fun for Mark since he is ranked number one on iTunes for mix tapes. Darkened by the cover above him Mark pulls into a parking garage and parks into his normal spot which is reserved for him but sometimes he will lend it out for tickets to a Shins concert. Inside the elevator Mark looks at his watch, 8:52, which is perfect timing for arriving on time to work or anything really where you need to be at 9 o’clock. The Museum of Art and History looks ever so decadent and all because of the overnight shift who cleans up and waxes the place for its lavish shine.


…..More will come