The Steven Spielberg of hats

“Hey Daniel, what’s happening?”

“Not much just wearing my new hat”

“Wow man that hat is awesome”

“Thanks man it’s the greatest hat on earth”

“I wouldn’t go that far with it”

“My Dad said it was the Steven Spielberg of hats”

“Well it definitely inst”

“Well it definitely is”

The two boys stare into each others eyes until Craig’s eyes water and pour out blood

“okay you win Daniel, your hat is the Steven Spielberg of hats”

“Daniel walks up to Craig and whispers in his ear ”

“More like the Tarantino of hats”

Daniel and Craig haven’t talked since

“Well I hope you liked it” Josh Brolin emerges from his rocking chair putting the crusty old book back on the shelf

“Dad who is Tarantino?”

Josh Brolin leaves the room, turning the lights off creating the room into an abyss

“Dad, wait!”

The door locks and suddenly the TV emits Kill Bill vol. 2

“Dad this isn’t funny!”

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