Dancing in the wind Peterslpeck wipes a smudge of battery acid off his thick rimmed glasses which happened due to the lack of recycling his neighbor Wayne, who lived above him would not take part in. Peterspleck burst through his apartment doors, like a majestic tiger being unbound for the first time,taking revenge on his previous owners in a bloody fashion. Once inside Peterspleck took the elevator to floor two, because real pimps don’t take the stairs. flowing out from the elevator Peterspleck walks with mad game up to Grant’s door, whispering at it instead of knocking.

“Whatta ya want kid?” Wayne pulls the door open faster than a spoiled son who pulls the plug on his rich and dying mother

“yo bro, vas up with all this battery acid, drip drip drippling all over my new glasses? It’s like you don’t even care about mother E-A-games, aka earth”

“Well, Peterspleck it is, right? Good, come in let me tell you a story”

Peterspleck nods his head and twirls inside “Yo this is a dope ass apartment, ya” reaching over he feels a curtain that hangs above his George Foreman grill

the two sit down in very affordable and leather chairs

“So Peterspleck, what brought you to america?”

“Vas bowling tournament on 10th street”

Wayne opened a safe that hid behind a painting that maybe a five year old drew

“I want you to have this Peterspleck”, Wayne throws a pound of cocaine at Peterspleck

“Oh no, I don’t do drugs”

Wayne grew furious and threw battery acid at Peterspleck’s face

He died in 30 minutes

RIP Peterspleck


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