What I did in 2013


Yo i didn’t sit at home watching Godfather movies and playing battlefield of duty. I was out making paper and stacks. So here is a list to show you what I did. Enjoy it hosers. 

  1. I traveled to Kenya and saved thousands of locals from bee infested homes
  2. I rode horses with the entire cast of “america’s next top model”
  3. bare knuckled boxed Mandela (RIP)
  4. spent $600 on a pair of designer jeans I made myself, thank you self. No problem self 
  5. Alexander Ovechkin and I watched Taken  2
  6. eat a tube of chap stick 
  7. 3 girls begged me to draw them as Jasmine from “Aladdin” I didn’t do it! I was busy with getting to the cinema to watch hamlet 
  8. Defeated a dragon and mounted it’s head on my uncle’s wall in his basement
  9. I birthed my own child, I defied physics and yes I a male birthed little Davey
  10. bought a Nintendo game cube in mint condition 

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