Good Music: Walden

Hi, I’m Steven

Today I’ll be talking about music, and a band I personally know.

Walden is a band consisted of four members, a great number in terms of a band. Rock Band allows for four players to jam, and I can never say I’ve had a bad rock band experience.  Fortunately, Walden gets to play real life rock band, and for Andrew who is the real winner for always being the drummer.


Walden creates a great taste of Indie rock with a slight seasoning of smooooth pop. Their music can be enjoyed by every age, unless you’re like 100 years old, because chances are your hearing is terrible.  Any atmosphere is an atmosphere to listen to Walden; like sitting by the pool, getting dumped, or maybe just relaxing in your room after your hockey game.  Everyone should listen to Walden. If you’re an uncle, show your nephew/niece Walden, it might change their life for the better.

Walden uses instruments, tools/objects that make noise and when put together right creates harmony.  Each member of the band uses a certain tool and does in fact create harmony. Watch out ladies, every girl who listens in a one mile radius will become pregnant(besides family members, because that’s weird).

Band Members:

Eric Hangartner:  keyboard/guitareric

  • Nice hair
  • Allergic to peanut butter
  • Probably is a fan of Walden
  • My biological father
  • First prize at roller derby palooza 2009

Richard Becker:  Vocals/guitar richard

  • One of my dearest friends
  • His mother is a mean cook
  • Great beard
  • Adventurous and loves the outdoors
  • Once created a song track in his bathroom

Jamie de Lange: Bassjamie

  • Another good friend of mine
  • Originated from South Africa (he has the accent, ladies)
  • Always dressed to the nine in groovy attire
  • Very pop culturally aware
  • Looks like someone from Flight of the Concords  

Andrew MendelDrumsandrew

  • Nasty badminton hook shot
  • Refurbishes ENO hammocks
  • Walden’s practice took place in his basement
  • Owns a .9mm
  • Broke a solid gold drum stick in a drum battle against Satan


Walden will be in Athens for most of April and you should check them out

da band

Date and times:

Sunday April 6th

Hendershots at 7pm, performs at 9pm


Saturday April 12th

Spring game day tailgate 11:30am-12:45pm


Friday April 25th

Theta Chi frat party(Moocoo) starts at 6pm until 7:30


Sunday April 27th 

May day festival. Melting point. Outside stage 4:30pm- 5pm


check out their Facebook page:


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