Teen gets Caught Hosting House Party

chil party


Wilmington, Delaware-Throwing one of the maddest parties since his older brother Scott’s rager, local teen Jake Young, 19, was caught by his neighbors for disrupting the peace within the neighborhood and throwing several mini kegs off his roof into the Robinson’s yard, Multiple sources have agreed.  “Jake was obviously intoxicated, disregarded his parents trust, and allowed many girls to remove articles of their clothing to partake in a beer filled water balloon fight,” said neighbor Ken Lippert, who was outside walking his first place shiatsu show-dog.  No cops showed to the party, but it was heard that Lidia Robinson did call Jake’s parents and notified them on his disruptive behaviors, Lidia was also upset to see her son Dempsey, 19, was not invited to the party, due to his collection of Magic the gathering card set and the fact he owns a hat rack that contains several designer hats, fedoras, and scarves.  Peter Robinson came inside the house to make everyone leave and got another teenager, Dick Pleats, 18, who was a DD for the party so Samantha Crowser would let him cop a feel later when he dropped her off.  Dick who was willing to talk stated “nah dude, shit was chill, Jake is the man, it was pretty tight, I saw like six girls make out. I got Cheryl baxter’s numbers, she isn’t that hot, but will totally put out, at least that is what Jake said haha.  But nah man, Jake had some bros over and we decided to notch it up some, we had a sweet game of beer blast going on, Marshal won the pong tournament, and I’m sure Henry got some action in Mr. and Mrs. Young’s room as well,” Jake was heard to have walked away taking a drag of his cigarette.  It was told the Youngs were to arrive the next day, leaving their wine tasting vacation a day earlier than planned.  We happened to have been fortunate enough to get a text from Jake’s friend Caleb, who read the text to one of our writers, it read “yo waddup Caleb, I probably cant chill tonight, my parents are pretty pissed about the party, but since I am doing pretty well right now at Mark Salzberg College of Science and History, my parents said I will only be grounded for a week. Yo, did you see Jessica’s boobs? they were so gross haha.” It was reported that Mr. Young was chill about the party and ended up letting Jake hang out with Caleb and the boys later that night.

One response to “Teen gets Caught Hosting House Party”

  1. Kelly says :

    Great party!! Total rager!!!! But I wish there had been more deviled eggs!!

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