Historic figures who might have been Xbox fans

  1. JOHN F. KENNEDY John F. Kennedy

John’s hair and competitive relationship with his brothers have only proved he would have loved to play Xbox.  “Disregard women get Gamerscore” would be JFKs motto.  Sometimes when he was being nagged on by Jacqueline, he would explain he was meeting up with some of his gamer friends and have a Call of Duty tournament at the gamer’s den.  In reality he would have had an extra Xbox set up at Marylyn Monroe’s.

  1. Ludwig Beethovenludiwg

LudwigB69 played Xbox for one reason, guitar hero.  Connecting via Xbox live he would annihilate any fourteen year old virgin that opposed him on Raining Blood- expert mode.  Ludwig was apparently banned from Xbox live for a month for exposing his genitals.

  1. Malcom XMalcolm_X_003.jpg

More like user: Malcome_at_me_bro_Xbox.  Malcom X loved to spread his word, influencing thousands to listen to him.  Malcom X for hours of the day would be in the same Call of Duty Domination lobby ranting on various subjects and degrading the lesser.  Calling user Kevinketchup409 a “douchebag” and stating he had relationships with his mother kevinketchup409 grew more and more furious at Malcom’s word choice, until he himself left the lobby and started to do the same to user MouseKing98.


  1. Anne Frankxbox celbs

Gamer chick alert! With a gamer tag of Pierogi pounder, Anne Frank attracted the attention of many.  Questions like “how many pierogis can you fit in your mouth?” and “Hey pierogi pounder, can you say something sexy?” gained Anne quite the Xbox reputation.  Even when she would play indie team based games like Castle Crashers, she always found herself being brought down because of sex.

  1. 2.Abraham Lincolnabe

Emancipate the noobs, Honest Abe is coming through.  Abe’s gamertag was noticed as FugDaPolice and any lobby he entered surely had upset noobs leaving.  Abe started his Call of Duty career with a K/D of 3.8 and currently works with a 4.1, which ladies if there are ladies reading this, is really good.


3 responses to “Historic figures who might have been Xbox fans”

  1. Science Symposium says :

    God dammit Ludwig, get out of your own ass

  2. BigDicksPumping says :

    Honest Abe’s a boss.

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