Ten Fun Facts about Robert E Lee

rob lee

1. Owned a pair of giraffe skin gloves

2. Waxed his thigh hairs, hair was donated to orphans

3. Made wooden spoons with his cousin “Dale Digorno” local pizza owner, no relation to the famous frozen pizza fortune.

4. averaged 23.4 points in his high school basketball career

5. recycled

6. Had a sick-nasty lasagna recipe

7. collected japanese katanas

8. Force-fed his children the meat of opposing politcian’s dogs

9. Watched his father bleed to death while his dad watched him beat his Galaga high score. Initials put into the sysytem for the high score: A S S

10. Was not a fan of the confederate flag, because the design wasn’t to his standards or criteria due to his intro to design class 1102 at the local community college.

Don’t fly the confederate flag, kids! Robert wouldn’t want this.


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